Frequently Asked Questions

Products, Materials and Finishes

Do you sell wired fixtures?

Adam Metal Products does not compete with its customers therefore we do not wire any products and only sell the metal enclosures that conform to UL requirements.

Do you make fixtures that use Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL)?

Yes, we have modified many fixtures to accept CFL’s. We make a variety where the CFL socket snaps in to the cover, or screws onto the socket plates.

What material do you use?

The majority of the fixtures we make are from pre-painted white steel. This is cold rolled steel that has a baked white enamel finish.

Which fixtures do you make out of aluminum?

The Series 102, 104, 203 & 205 vanity bodies and ends are made of BAA (Bright Anodized Aluminum) with WPA (White Painted Aluminum) covers. The Series 1400 and 1420 bodies are offered in BAA and brass anodized aluminum with galvanized backs and post plated steel ends. We also offer the Series 213 and a variety of strips made of WPA. Many reflectors for our Llinear and High Bay series use reflectors with bright enhanced aluminum for optimum reflectance.

What finishes do you offer?

White steel (our most popular) is a pre-painted finish; we also have Black, Brown, and Walnut in a limited supply. We now offer a Chrome like (BAA, Bright Anodized Aluminum), a white WPA (White Painted Aluminum) or a pre-plated Brass on many series. We also offer bare steel, which you can post paint.

Are special finishes available?

There are three main choices here:

1. Many of our customers have painted over our pre-paint, please check with your local painter and keep in mind proper pre- cleaning noting our wax and baking temperature (not to bubble the pre-coated material).

2. We can produce the units in bare steel, which you can paint. Mins may apply.

3. For larger order requests, we can order in pre-painted material, but this will require a large purchase of parts. Check with factory for more details.

Is your linear line (850, 855, 880 & 885) always sold as bare/unfinished housings and cast ends?

Yes. Make sure your local powder coater is aware that the housings are steel and the ends are die cast aluminum, so the can make sure the finish is consistent. We can ship direct to your powder coating vendor.

Do you make fixtures that use Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFL)?

Yes, we have modified many fixtures to accept CFL’s. We make a variety where the CFL socket snaps in to the cover, or screws onto the socket plates.

Do you make a fixture that uses LED lamps?

Yes, we have modified fixtures to accept LED’s, but these are treated as a special. It is fairly easy for us to modify an existing fixture to accommodate the holes needs for the drivers and LEDs. Customer must provide the Adam Metal series to be modified, plus LED and Driver model numbers.

Ordering and Shipping

What is your lead time?

Sandard lead time changes depending on the series ordered. The majority of standard fixtures presently are shipped in one week to 10 day turn around time. Please contact factory for special fixtures (linear, high bay, or special order items).

What is your return policy?

Items can not be returned after 90 days from the initial shipment date. All returns must be have been issued an RGA in writing and all parts are subjected to a minimum of 15% restocking charge, plus cost of inspection, reconditioning and repacking. Our parts must be returned in their original cartons with the same internal packing as provided to you. ** Special order fixtures are not returnable.

How do I find out your full carton quantities?

Check the yellow price list, there is a column named steel, or call Adam Metal.

Do I have to order a full carton?

No, but there will be a $5.00 broken carton charge. Note: this charger is per each fixture part (example: a standard vanity has a body, cover and ends, so the broken carton charge would be a total of $15.00.

I want something to ship via UPS/FedEx, is there any additional charge?

Yes, there is a $5.00 per carton handling charge to properly protect your package.

Are your parts able to ship via UPS/FedEx without additional packaging?

No, whether it is a return or a small package carrier shipment to you, all cartons have to be prepped with add’l packaging (corner boards, add’l cartons, bubble wrap, ect).

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